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The comprehensive structured product platform for professional advisers and their clients.

The retail structured product space is one of the last mainstream investment sectors to address adviser need for platform functionality and process management …until now

Welcome to, the simple and secure way to manage structured products online

Portfolio Overview

Comprehensive details of the structured products invested in through are displayed in a simple and easy-to-use format. If other structured products are already held within the portfolio, they can be noted and will feature on

You can select investments to view their terms, key index levels and download the original investment literature. Where applicable, you will see a visual display of the capital-at-risk barrier observation levels and the most recent closing levels of the respective underlying indices.

The barrier types and levels for the capital-at-risk structured products held or noted on are shown by reference to the underlying indices relevant to the portfolio, along with their most recent closing levels.

A timeline showing the potential and fixed maturity dates of structured products and a tax year maturity summary is provided.

Counterparty Breakdown Tool

The counterparty breakdown tool shows the exposure to the financial institutions backing the structured products in the portfolio. This will allow you to make informed decisions in respect of diversification.

This tool can be further enhanced using the advanced section, which allows you to add details of other investments and assets held to ultimately show exposure to relevant institutions by reference to an overall investment portfolio, rather than the structured products alone.

The tool can also recognise which plans have the potential protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so that net exposure to financial institutions can be identified.

This information is then summarized in a pie chart.

Maturities displays details of the products held within the client’s portfolio that have, will or may mature in a specified time-frame. This can help with effective cash-flow, re-investment and tax planning.

Notification System

The notification system keeps you updated by email with important information and events such as index strike levels, forthcoming potential and final maturities as well as other relevant information pertaining to the portfolio. An archive of all notifications is always accessible.

Bridging a gap in the structured product market is tomorrow’s structured product platform for financial advisers, delivered today.

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